About The Nester

My first nest was when I was six. I converted Dad’s greenhouse into a lounge and virtual cafe. I then covered it in ferns so nobody would ever find me again. But sadly, it was teatime and I got hungry when I smelt my mum’s roast dinner. My second nest, I was seven. I turned a cubby hole beneath the stairs into a dwelling for my dolls and bears. Though a huge gang of mice munched through them all, and the cakes I made for the toys. So then I started to go beyond nesting in my bedroom and other small areas to include turning my Nan’s box room into a hotel for one. I started nesting everywhere. I love junk. I also enjoy simple and surrealism. You can put anything together in no particular order and make it work, if you love it enough.

My life sort of took to the road where I went off daydreaming …

The Nester.