bless them all

Laying low as it’s busy times and I so wanted to catch up with my family for a few days, whilst getting my work done for the middle of June. So many legalities. Driving me nuts. Visiting nests and collecting my bits and pieces for a new project. I have taken some beautiful pictures of flowers to share soon. Blew me away. J’adore petals. My favourite things – the variants of nature in the rain and shine when milder months are here. Variety is indeed the spice of life. Keep moving!

The Nester. X



Dirty Thoughts #memoirs

Supposed to be writing today. I have very strong love feelings – daydreaming – is as much as I am prepared to say – and that’s a lot regarding my personal passions. Enough for now, indeed. Where I am has changed my energy. It’s quite heavy energetically – I feel great adventure within my immediate surroundings. I may go on a bit of a trail this evening and see what magic I may find? Last night, I drank wine. I offended people. It thrills me. Tonight I may do worse. I can never tell – I may also incorporate a disco here on my blog. I like all of this. I like it a lot.  I tell myself, ‘this is no holiday. I have been sent into exile to complete a book.’ Yet I rebel.


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‘A little stone barn at Warren Carr ‘ the Peak District’ by The Nester

Well I’ve just cleaned this gorgeous little stone barn in Warren Carr, which is near to Darley Dale at Matlock –  in the Peak District. I’m all ready to move on tomorrow, where I will be staying in an old town house on top of the hills at Tideswell. It’s right in the middle of the National Park. It’s been beautiful here. I shall miss the quaintness. Seeing deer, chickens and geese each morning. I will be honest, it’s full of chintz. Not my taste. But that’s why I love it. The lady who owns the barn is a bit of an eccentric. I’ve been hiring her entire past. So ornate. I was worried to death I’d break something. I did. I somehow broke the Aga, two dishes and a saucer. Nonetheless, an Aga is on my wish list. I cooked like a demon – not easy when you’re an Angel, but I did … Going to walk the dogs – daydream. Be grateful. Glad I am real. True to myself. Detached.

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