stencils and lace by The Nester ©

My sexy dirty little half brain – keeps me awake at night. Secrets … not ours ‘yours.’ The karmic laws of love always find a way. Yes, it’s hard work when we lose one another, but we always find a way. That’s what happens when you sky dive from rocks, without wings. Something just shows…

Carpe Diem

Being true to the universe – with people you love. The Nester ©    

‘The Cowards Way’ by The Nester

She writes ‘fiction’ in silence, focused – hate – resentment. He writes with music – ‘if only’ – obsessed – with another. So she – attacks her – and he – attacks her too. ‘Both – in love – with her freedom – truth – sincerity.’ I suppose the only thing they have in common…


True to those I love. The Nester ©  


let’s be honest … right? The Nester ©