#Blackpool feeling the Love – a must visit

Millions of pounds have been invested into Blackpool to restore the three piers. There’s a new tram station being built and many of the conference centres are being revamped. It’s spotless too. It’s one of those places you should visit before deciding what you think. I personally love Blackpool. It’s stolen my heart.  For the…

Dirty Thoughts #memoirs

Supposed to be writing today. I have very strong love feelings – daydreaming – is as much as I am prepared to say – and that’s a lot regarding my personal passions. Enough for now, indeed. Where I am has changed my energy. It’s quite heavy energetically – I feel great adventure within my immediate…

‘The Creepiest Shop Window Ever’ by The Nester

There’s some very strange energies where I am today. Fortunately I enjoy it. This really is a shop window. I like most efforts – however, this will take some adjustment. I don’t know whether you are able to see but the focal point is dead weeds hanging upside down. I need to get behind this….

‘Sheep’ by The Nester

Not getting a lot done today. Head in the clouds. Look at these beautiful darlings. I feel sad they will end up in someone’s tummy but without natural farming there could be no more sheep. At least they have a good life. The Nester ©