holy well — Tiffany Belle Harper Photography & Film

Love and peace to all. The Holy Well Southam at the foot of my family home. The place I find absolute peace and solitude with the divine. I never feel alone here – the water is healing. Life is beautiful. I’ve had some bad times when I’ve gone to the well and everything becomes fine […]…

bless them all

Laying low as it’s busy times and I so wanted to catch up with my family for a few days, whilst getting my work done for the middle of June. So many legalities. Driving me nuts. Visiting nests and collecting my bits and pieces for a new project. I have taken some beautiful pictures of…

Collage of a day

My first blog from a phone … bare with A shower room created from a section of my first floor bedroom almost finished My dog A tea cosy My cellar kitchen Lunch Buddha Radio 6 now playing Simple Minds live. I can’t sleep. So excited. Xxx

stencils and lace by The Nester ©

My sexy dirty little half brain – keeps me awake at night. Secrets … not ours ‘yours.’ The karmic laws of love always find a way. Yes, it’s hard work when we lose one another, but we always find a way. That’s what happens when you sky dive from rocks, without wings. Something just shows…

Absence by Tiff. — BellEva Worldwide

For a Friend: Unconditionally – Toot – Toot! I lose sleep when I don’t know how you are. Tiffany. X via Absence by Tiff. — BellEva Worldwide