holy well — Tiffany Belle Harper Photography & Film

Love and peace to all. The Holy Well Southam at the foot of my family home. The place I find absolute peace and solitude with the divine. I never feel alone here – the water is healing. Life is beautiful. I’ve had some bad times when I’ve gone to the well and everything becomes fine […]…

At my Well

When we make a wish – we make a deed. Make sure your wish is pure. The Nester

Absence by Tiff. — BellEva Worldwide

For a Friend: Unconditionally – Toot – Toot! I lose sleep when I don’t know how you are. Tiffany. X via Absence by Tiff. — BellEva Worldwide

Why an animal abuse registry would protect all of us — Metro

Animal abuse by children has been linked to crimes by adults. Before he walked into a Florida high school last week and gunned down 17 students and staff members, Nikolas Cruz reportedly shot squirrels and chickens with a pellet gun, tried to get a dog to attack a piglet, jammed sticks into rabbit holes,… via Why…

‘Fruit and Nuts’ by The Nester

Some naughty treats – healthy too in moderation. A little bit of what you fancy is the right thing to do today.  Fruit and Nuts … The Nester ©

Fresh Organic Vegetables by The Nester

Keeping it simple with fresh vegetables. Little bit of what you fancy with lots of salad and/or vegetables. I try to shop local. I feel supermarkets do well enough. This supports our community too! The Nester ©