strong women — Tiffany Belle Harper

One for the feminine. And don’t forget it ladies! Strength is sexy. BE Sexy. We’re ALL sexy! Stand in your power. No is the new Yes! Women! You are no man’s slave. Walk free. When you love yourself. The right love finds you! TBH© via strong women — Tiffany Belle Harper

low lives

It is always beautiful to know we can say and do what we want. But sadly, those who feel jealousy or remorse will try to stop it by faking to do the same. TBH©

At my Well

When we make a wish – we make a deed. Make sure your wish is pure. The Nester

be bold — Tiffany Belle Harper

Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you’ve always imagined. Artist Unknown. via be bold — Tiffany Belle Harper

growing as people

Stuck in routine – being judgemental – it doesn’t work. The Nester ©

Toxic People

To form an opinion of a person you have never met or given the opportunity to respond directly is fowl and cowardly play. The Nester ©

fear plants seeds

When we live in denial – change will try to remind us – it’s time to embrace the new. Many don’t – instead, they remain stuck in the third dimension – because, ‘quite simply’ they don’t understand any other way. This can affect their health and those around them – but most importantly, it is…