‘View from a Cottage’ by The Nester

I see this each morning. Well, until Friday where I move on to my next writing nest. A hill that’s been green, brown, black – varying shades of nature. Today bleak – yet topped in snow. The contrast of all that is organic is forever changing. This to me … is so sexy! The Nester…

‘Fruit and Nuts’ by The Nester

Some naughty treats – healthy too in moderation. A little bit of what you fancy is the right thing to do today.  Fruit and Nuts … The Nester ©

Fresh Organic Vegetables by The Nester

Keeping it simple with fresh vegetables. Little bit of what you fancy with lots of salad and/or vegetables. I try to shop local. I feel supermarkets do well enough. This supports our community too! The Nester ©