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Over the years I’ve had numerous nesting projects. I suppose a lot of people would feel exhilarated to be adopting a small hotel (well … guest house) – but I cannot help being more excited by the fact I have taught myself to make key rings and have put together a selection of menus. Not to mention revive the ‘Ice Cream Soda’ from bygone days – together with these stunning vintage glasses. I love doing stuff like this – I am so childish. I am now daydreaming about where I can source crochet tea cosies of an extremely decadent nature. Is it wrong to adore ones own company to this degree. Is it wrong to have so many weird thoughts? If so, let wrong be the new right. I tick all my own boxes. A heavy burden.

The Nester. X


Funny Girls Blackpool – March 2nd – 2017 -Wizard of Oz #review — Tiffany Belle Harper

Last night we had a trip to Funny Girls in Blackpool. It’s probably my comfort food in terms of cabaret. Three hours of dancing, singing, drama and campness. Such energy. A condensed journey of the yellow brick road – ending with a drop down banner of the infamous Judy Garland. A beautiful celebration of life. […]

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