Conquest — © The Secret Poetess

Born in the bowels of tumultuous times, Conquest arrives as the death knell chimes. Maternal love took much too soon. Children bereft & left to swoon. Lithe & strong, true knights of old. With burning hearts, brave – but cold. Taking a chance to love again. Knowing it happens, but then again – when? […] via…

SIR ELTON JOHN — theutopiauniverse

Thought it was the right thing to do today, as I enjoy to put music on my blog at the week-end and after hearing that Sir Elton John is officially going into retirement, we should pay tribute to this great musician and song writer, He has been a cultural icon for many years, his flamboyance […]…

Marci Meth #guest

Nature with equal mind – sees all her sons at play – sees man control the wind – the wind sweeps man away.

Banksy – The Ballerina

The Ballerina – by Banksy So beautiful. There’s a story behind every picture. Things are never what they seem. I could write a whole book about this piece of artwork. Banksy is an anonymous iconic humanitarian and militant artist based in the UK with pieces around the globe. Forever inspiring. The Nester