my nest – my passion

my little space in Leeds. My heart … my heart. TBH©

fake revenge – malicious non fiction

If you wanna stop bacon – shout out about halal

If you wanna stop a bikini shout about the burka.

Have a reason for your passion. It is not about revenge or being fake – it is about being a part of the party you claim to dance with. Leave the vulnerable out of it and speak face to face.  Ready when you are. TBH©


Collage of a day

My first blog from a phone … bare with

A shower room created from a section of my first floor bedroom almost finished

My dog

A tea cosy

My cellar kitchen



Radio 6 now playing Simple Minds live.

I can’t sleep. So excited. Xxx

my opinion – death of multiple children in London UK

No wonder the UK is becoming a global laughing stock. We are giving rights to criminals with intent to harm others. Tougher action is required. These children are wild cards. They need leaders in the community to empower and guide them away from hate crimes. If this does not stop, it will spread beyond control. Education – Inclusion – Leadership. We can’t just lie down and let the world abuse our freedom. We have to stand up to protect it. I would love to get into the heart of these gangs and give them a piece of my mind. No boy is too big to get his ears boxed by me. Disgraceful behaviour. Find out where they are and take me to them. TBH©

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