Tiffany Belle Harper

Hello. I set this blog up a long while ago whilst going through major transitions in my life. Therefore I shall not delete any posts. A lot has progressed since here for me. I am creating a new project. My main blog for which I have had since around 2014 is over at Tiffany Belle Harper  it’s like a diary, with no topic and no call out. It’s where I record my thoughts and opinions. An online journal. No income comes from any of it. My blog is a hobby it is not about cash. I don’t give a fuck about all that ego and bullshit. I work in the real world for my ambition. I hate bullies and I don’t read fake media or news. I go with my gut instinct. Mind. Body. Soul = less is more. My own world is very private.

I am not an online influencer, the stress and time would pull me away from my own thoughts which I enjoy immensely. I am a free spirit with the ambition to do as best as I can for my loved ones so I can give them the best of me by return.