little miracles in Southam

Tired, went to bed – woke up – got up – had tea in the conservatory. Pondered over the past few days. Now here – writing. Evie was neutered last Friday. She didn’t bounce back as quickly as I’d like. It really knocked her for six. She’s so tiny. She’s still wearing her collar so she doesn’t  bite at her stitches. Slowly, she’s getting better. I had to feed her by hand and am still administering water to her through a pipette. Poor little darling. Although her vet did mention she could be having me on a bit. And when I went out today, Dad said she was running around like a tornado and jumping on the beds.

Evie Blossom

I went to the Holy Well and brought back water that I’ve been bathing her with. The evening of the visit I got up to make a drink then became aware of water dripping on my head from the kitchen ceiling, also the floor had a puddle. Looking up I noticed that directly below where Evie was lying in her little doggy bed on my bedroom floor, the ceiling was sodden with water. This happened to me a long while ago in an old house I rented in Leeds where a solid oak beam leaked fresh water on a regular basis all over my head when I sat on the sofa (more about that in my book) I want to believe it was a  miracle. It is said water in buildings is a sign of emotional blockages. So perhaps Evie is receiving healing from her Angels.


Then, tonight (just now) I went into the bathroom here at my parents to notice a towel that was shaped in in an interesting way on the floor. So I got my camera and took a photograph  of it.  I just sort of sat on the floor for ages loving the artwork that formed itself organically.  A funny old week. It’s one thing believing in magic but such a gift to see it. I am so grateful. It must be so boring stuck in the mundane world. Come over here (not literally … just cosmically) it is much more fun. Be awake at your own peril …


In addition to all this – I am working on a project. It’s fun but it’s gonna get busy!

The Nester (aka Tiff but I like the variety – we can be who we want when we want – simple.)