fear plants seeds

When we live in denial – change will try to remind us – it’s time to embrace the new. Many don’t – instead, they remain stuck in the third dimension – because, ‘quite simply’ they don’t understand any other way. This can affect their health and those around them – but most importantly, it is a form of self harm. I always remind myself that people can pay to be heard – but it is not necessarily the truth. It’s better to walk with no conscience than enslave our souls to bullshit. To think freely and see everything as it should be. To trust our gut feelings. To not be told what we should and should not buy into. To not fear change. We are here to learn. We are here to love. Love is all there is. So don’t let the stuck people hold you back. It’s their problem – not yours. Things are changing in the world. People are realising they are perfectly entitled to tell the truth and say how they feel. We don’t have to put on a false barricade of ‘my life is dandy.’ We all have obstacles, it’s whether we choose to live in denial or face up to the facts. Freedom of Speech is important. Telling the truth is important. But to spread fear and blasphemous tactical game playing will only result in your own self harm. It’s pointless. So let go and be free to choose the life you really want.

Have Fun!



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